is one of the first squadrons created in the game, established in 2013. We are the first and the oldest active Bulgarian War Thunder squadron.Our gaming community is friendly and centered around casual pilots, tankers and sailors who are unable to dedicate outlandish amounts of playtime but are happy to use their time in-game for a chat with a friend in our Team Speak server or to help new squadron mates while advancing the clan along the way. We all have different playstyles but we all are able to play together and enjoy the game. Ultimately our goal is to have nice and friendly gaming community with members who support each other, enjoy playing War Thunder, discuss different topics and have fun along the way.


We play

all aspects of the game our members use air, ground, and naval vehicles. While we’re primarily a Realistic Battles squadron, a few members play Sim or Arcade as well. We have members who range from the very experienced to the relatively new. We have strong participation in different game yearly events, some of our members play custom missions, mixed vehicle brawls or just old fashioned squadding for random battles.


We Recruit New Memebers

=BUHAL= is always looking for new active players from Bulgaria. To qualify for our squadron and gaming community you need to fullfill few member requirements:
  • Be willing and ready to use TeamSpeak
  • Have a working microphone
  • Be mature, or at least able to fake it well.
  • Be active both on our voice comms and in the game.
  • Most importantly have fun and enjoy the game and the community.

NB: Inactive players will be removed from the squadron after a month of Inactivity.